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IHBT is the research blog of Lanze Vanermen about topics related to educational sciences, qualitative research methodology, and digitisation. 

The blog serves as a personal laboratory to think, write and revise ideas related to my continuing PhD research: the hidden curriculum of open education. Posts may vary from highly exploratory writing to finished essays or articles. Feel free to contact me if you would like share interesting articles or leave a comment!

the research project

‘Open education’ has become a hot topic. An enormous amount of initiatives have proliferated that provide such education, and this both on a global and on a local scale. Open education provides both freely distributed information (e.g. Open Educational Resources) and/or freely distributed courses (e.g. MOOCs) to teachers, lectures and students. I will be involved in a research project at the Methodology of Educational Sciences Research Group at KU Leuven that seeks to critically investigate these evolutions. Within the contours of the project, digital open education platforms will be analysed, for instance at the level of characteristic visual and textual elements, design, software, code, language, etc. More specifically, the dissertation will analyse both the official and the ‘hidden’ curriculum offered by these platforms. In order to do so, I will draw upon and develop innovative qualitative research methods.

A special thanks goes to my promotor and co-promotor, prof. dr. M. Decuypere and prof. dr. J. Vlieghe, for the opportunity to think and write online.

The C14/18/041 research project, including this blog, is made possible thanks to the funding agency KU Leuven Internal Funds.

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